Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning (RPEL)

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Target Group:

  • Malaysian workforce;

  • Individuals who possess with qualification less than diploma or Level 4 or equivalence; andHave relevant years of experience as determined by certification body


  • To provide opportunities for Malaysian workers with education level of secondary and lower to be recognised for their current competencies in particular skill areas based on their work experience, and thus facilitate them for job promotion and better income;

  • To help improve the average monthly income of workers to support Malaysia in becoming a developed and high-income nation by 2020 by having competent workforce;

  • To contribute to the increase of skilled workers in the country to 35% by 2020 by producing trained and qualified skilled workers to enhance the competitiveness of local industries in the global market


  • Skills Certificate (SKM) Level 3, Level 4 or the Malaysian Skills Diploma (DKM) issued by the Department of Skills Development (JPK)

  • Certification process to be completed within six (6) month period

Financial Assistance

  • Maximum: RM 1,300.00 only for certification fees and other cost incurred throughout the certification processes

  • Employer is required to provide the breakdown of the fees in order for PSMB to evaluate and consider the financial assistance.

  • Competency gap training cost is not covered by PSMB

Download Guidelines:

How To Apply?

Application Process

Step 1: SI Grant Application via e-TRiS

7 days before commencement of training, documents required:

  • Copy of MyKad

  • Copy of pre-assessment and gap analysis form

  • Copy of completed application form issued by certification body

Step 2:  Certification Process

  • Inspection by PSMB

Step 3: Claim

Within 6 months upon Grant approval, documents required


  • Invoice

  • Payment Voucher

  • JPK Certificate

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