Target Group:

  • SME Business Owners or

  • Chief Executive’s Officers (CEO)


  • To develop management skills as well as analytical and creative decision-making competencies for SME owners.To produce a generation of SME owners who have the ability to cut through the complexity of organizational life to lead and inspire their subordinates to higher levels of achievement by becoming fluent and integrated to new innovative thinking in their daily life.

  • To provides opportunities for Malaysian SME owners with business fundamentals and enhance their current competencies in business management skill

Type of Training

Interactive lectures

  • Lectures in the classroom training provided by subject matter expert of local university and government agencies.

Business Networking

  • Besides, the classroom training, opportunities also given to the participants to visit ASEAN countries to learn about best practices and business networks.

Knowledge and experience sharing by local SME Champions

  • The scheme also combines formal input and experiential learning within a peer group of other SME owners, sharing and learning from experience over a 4 month period.

Financial Assistance

  • The course fee will be fully funded by PSMB

  • Allowance will also borne by employers using the HRD Levy

Download Guidelines: Guidelines for SME-Graduate

How To Apply?

STEP  1: SI Grant Application

7 days before commencement of training by Universities, documents required:

  • Copy of Mykad

  • Company Form 49

STEP 2:  Training Conducted

  • Attendance – at least 80%

  • Evaluation

  • Training inspection by PSMB

STEP 3: Claim

  • Partially submission by Universities, documents required:

  • Invoice (training fees)

  • Evaluation form

  • Participant attendance

  • Copy of Certificate

  • Outcome Report

Professional & Essential Skills Workshop Schedule

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