RiSE4WRD for Industry4WRD

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

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RiSE4WRD for Industry4WRD is designed to support the national agenda in accelerating

technology by providing a platform for SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) manufacturing companies and the related services that have participated in the Readiness Assessment (RA), a programme under the Industry4WRD initiative by Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI). With the recommendation given in the RA report, employers are expected to plan and train their employees with the required knowledge and skills prior to high technology adoption. By adopting high technology with the well-trained and efficient workforce, SME companies are expected to improve their productivity which is the ultimate objective of this programme.


1.1 This document serves as the submission guideline for the Industry4WRD programme under RiSE4WRD, aimed at boosting digital transformation in the Malaysian manufacturing sector and its related services by facilitating companies to embrace the related technologies in a systematic and comprehensive manner. The Industry4WRD policy was first launched by the Government on 31 October 2018.

1.2 Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) through RiSE4WRD seeks to support the national agenda to help companies in the manufacturing sector and its related services which have undergone the Readiness Assessment (RA) to understand their present capabilities in adopting Industry 4.0 and to embark on digitalisation.

1.3 The eligible SMEs will have the opportunity to obtain the relevant training programmes as proposed/identified in the RA report. This will ensure that the employees are well equipped with the right knowledge and skills in line with the technology adoption/transformation which would enable them to be more efficient in handling the process/equipment leading to greater productivity.


i.Provide a platform for eligible Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in identifying suitable training programmes in line with the recommendation made in the Readiness Assessment (RA) report from the Industry4WRD initiative.

ii. Provide opportunities for Malaysian employers to fund for relevant training in accordance to the company’s operation and initiatives that advocate a highly skilled workforce.

iii. Accelerate and spur the high technology adoption process in the manufacturing sector. iv. Ensure SMEs’ readiness prior to the high technology adoption plan.


This initiative is targeted to Malaysian SME Employers that have participated in the Industry4WRD programme and completed the Readiness Assessment.

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Call for Proposal

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Implementation guideline

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Industry4WRD Booklet

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Guidelines for Selection of Industry4WRD

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