Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Know thy cloud.

Cloud solutions are known for cutting costs and enabling agility, but at Aksara United, we know not all cloud solutions are the same.

Check out this article to learn four fine print strategies you should consider when modernizing your data platform. And contact us to learn what sets apart the secure and trusted cloud . #CiscoCloud

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Aksara United Management would like to announce, HRDF has come up with new initiative under : INDUSTRY CERTIFICATION CISCO CLOUD FUNDAMENTALS & CISCO CLOUD ADMINISTRATION Please be informed, there will be NO charges for this as we are under a HRDF funded programme known as INDCERT Industry Certification Cisco Cloud Fundamentals and Cisco Cloud Administration whereby HRDF funds for the certification training. Who should enroll • Cloud engineers • Cloud administrators • Cloud operations engineers • Support engineers • Cloud design engineers • Cloud infrastructure architects • Virtualization engineers • Cisco integrators and partners Outline Introduction to Cloud Computing Cloud Networking Cloud Storage Cloud Compute Cloud Automation and Reference Architectures Exam Code 210-451 Eligibility: Target Group: Malaysian Employees of HRDF Registered Employers Thank you for your interest in Cisco Cloud Certification Program. To interact with us, please choose between A) or B): A) For faster response and to chat with our consultants directly, you may provide your contact number and email now for us to schedule a call with you. During our call, we provide the following consultancy for free: 1. Receive a personal consultation for your next Cloud Computing career 2. Get the latest course intake dates and timetable 3. Get your enrolment with Pre-test completed. 4. Receive HRDF claims guidance 5. Unlock special accommodation arrangement and pricing for outstation students for a night's stay at AKSARA Hostel 6. Attend training and sit for exam. Book a tour and consultation at our Aksara Information Service centre @ Maxim Citylights Campus �To read more about the programme , pm us for the latest CCNA Cloud Features and FAQs. Please fill in an enquiry form for us to send you our latest brochure with the following information: 1. Course Intake Dates 2. Course Overview 3. Course Benefit 4. Course Outcome 5. Course Certification 6. Course Duration 7. Course Delivery 8. Course Outline & Topic 9. Course Trainer Profile 😎 You may provide us your WhatsApp number for our consultants to contact you via WhatsApp chat and send you the latest brochure. Why Choose us ☑ 1 Day Per Week Face-To-Face Flexible Learning Weekend Classes at Aksara Learning Campus. ☑ Complete a Globally Recognised Cloud Certificate In 1 Month. Launch Bonus: ☑ FREE LinkedIN Premium Learning Content Access (worth RM1,500) for SBL-Khas participants ☑ Exclusive One Year Membership Aksara Learning Portal ☑ FREE Learning Materials & Notes ☑ Access Over 300 Courses by Cisco, Microsoft, AWS and Google ☑ FREE 1 Month Avengers Fitness Gym Membership Special Accommodation Arrangement & Pricing For Outstation Students For A Night's Stay at Aksara Hostel. ☑ Cisco Cloud Certification featuring: ☑ 2019 Latest Cisco Cloud Syllabus ☑ Easy Payment Scheme & HRDF Claimable ☑ Up-To-Date Global Educational Experience ☑ Video & Exam Tutorials ☑ Exclusive Online Resources ☑ Networking Seminars & Workshops ☑ Certification Guidance ☑ Social Media Group Exchange ☑ Modern Well-Equipped Classrooms Add-On Benefits Comprehensive Digital Marketing Broadskills & Digital Business Best Practices to Run and Manage Digital Marketing Campaigns for Any Business: ☑ Digital Marketing & Research ☑ Content Marketing ☑ Social Media Marketing ☑ SEO ☑ PPC/Adwords ☑ Display Advertising ☑ Email Marketing ☑ Website Optimization ☑ Google Analytics ☑ Digital Marketing Strategy Track-Record: ☑ 95% Employability Enhancement ☑ 98% Positive Career Impact ☑ 80% Career Fast-Tracking ☑ 85% Increased Salary Potential CLICK LEARN MORE SUBMIT ENQUIRIES for us to contact you to: Contact us via the following: Call 014-266-0015 Khishen | 0111-3189-8393 Shan

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