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Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
( AI-900)

Unlocking the Future with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) opens doors to possibilities that once seemed like science fiction. Enhance your apps and elevate your development skills by leveraging AI. With AI, you can innovate and advance technology across various fields, including healthcare, financial management, and environmental protection, to name just a few. Microsoft Azure offers user-friendly services to help you embark on this journey. Demonstrate your AI expertise and contribute to building a better world. Earning your Azure certification in Azure AI Fundamentals provides the foundational knowledge necessary to advance your career. This certification proves your understanding of common AI and machine learning workloads and your ability to implement them on Microsoft Azure.

Eligibility Criteria

Model 1  - Individual Basis

  • Malaysian citizens from 21 – 55 years old.

  • Maximum 1 training per person.
    (Participants must not participate in other programmes under MD Workforce).

  • Currently employed, unemployed, fresh graduate, or gig workers.

  • Must attend all 3 days continuously 

  • Must not be MDEC / Training Providers board of directors and employees.

Model 2 - Company Basis

  • Open to all MSMEs incorporated under the Companies Act 2016 or companies that do not contribute to HRDC. 

  • Employees who are Malaysian citizens, ages 21 - 55 years old

  • Maximum 1 training session per company, 1 training per person

  • Minimum pax of 5 per class

  • Must be from private sector

MD Workforce
Fully Claimable

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