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Updated: Oct 18, 2020


Following are the categories available under PenjanaKerjaya:

a. MyApprentice

  • This incentive is to encourage employers to employ post-graduate and post-school as apprentices.

b. HireMalaysia – has 3 categories:

  • Incentive for employment of employee lower than 40 years old;

  • Incentive for employment of employee 40 years old and above; and

  • Incentive for employment of “golongan mudah terjejas” such as OKU and participants under Program Return to Work PERKESO.

**Note: Age of employee based on date of birth during application.

 c. Mobility Assistance (Bantuan Mobiliti)

  • One-off the payments to employee who move more than 100km (one way) to the workplace.

d. Program Latihan

  • Provide reskilling and upskilling training through programme place and train based on the requirement of employer and employee under PenjanaKerjaya.

2. Who is qualified to apply PenjanaKerjaya?

  • Employer has registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan Malaysia (ROS)/ Pendaftaran Perniagaan (ROB)/ Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT) or others before 1 June 2020.

  • Employer need to register with PERKESO before 1 June 2020.

3. Who is not qualified to apply PenjanaKerjaya?

  • Recruitment Agency or Outsourcing Company which supply workforce to principal and not the direct employer; and

  • Employee under public sector, PBT and those who self-employed.

4. Which category of employee not qualified under PenjanaKerjaya?

  • Employee who is under the assistance of the Employment Retention Program (Program Pengekalan Perkerjaan) or listed in Program Subsidi Upah.


1. Important features for Program Insentif Pengambilan Pekerja under PenjanaKerjaya

2. Can the employer apply the incentive under PenjanaKerjaya for employment of employee and apprentice but not registered with MyFutureJobs?

  • Qualified to apply as long as fulfill the requirement stated above.

  • For those employers that registered vacancy and advertise in other job portals than MyFutureJobs, employer must update the vacancy and job information under MyFutureJobs including registration of new employee.

3. What are the supporting documents required for Program Insentif Pengambilan Pekerja (Hiring Incentive) under PenjanaKerjaya?

  • Bank account number (attach 1st page of bank statement)

  • Business Registration Number (BRN). BRN is Company Number. Example: 1234560-X

4. When the payment will be made under PenjanaKerjaya?

  • Payment will be made as long as comply requirements stated in Question No.1 above. Including contribution of monthly PERKESO.

  • Employer must pay the one-off payment of Mobility Assistance (Bantuan Mobiliti) to the qualified employee within 7 days from receipt of payment from PERKESO.

  • Example: New staff or apprentice employed under 1 July 2020 but employer register and pay the PERKESO on 15 July 2020, payment of incentive only will begin on August or later.

5. What if the employee or apprentice under this incentive resign or being stopped?

  • The incentive for this particular employee or apprentice will not be paid to the employer.

6. What is the definition of “employee (pekerja)” under PenjanaKerjaya?

  • Refer to the definition of “pekerja” under Akta Sistem Insurances Pekerjaan (Akta 800).

7. How to check application status?

8. Does the employer need to make a claim monthly for the incentive?

  • No need. For the subsequent month, employer only need to update changes on the new employee listing. For normal, the incentives will be automatically paid to the respective employer/company.


1. What is the requirements for Mobility Assistance under PenjanaKerjaya?

  • New employee or apprentice under this program has moved more than 100km (one way) from employee’s residential address to working place is qualified to claim RM600 through employer;

  • If the relocation is involved from Sabah to Sarawak or Semenanjung Malaysia or vice versa, can claim RM1,000 through employer;

  • Mobility Assistance (Bantuan Mobiliti) will be paid to employee by one-off; and

  • New employee or apprentice only can claim Mobility Assistance once only.


1. What is the requirements for program latihan under PenjanaKerjaya?

  • Employer who recruit new employee (except apprentice) under PenjanaKerjaya is qualified to apply program re-skilling & upskilling based by job/industry requirement;

  • Certified training program will be listed in detail in

  • The maximum training fee per employee under PenjayaKerjaya is RM4,000.

2. When Program Latihan under PenjayaKerjaya will be launced?

  • Can apply from 1 July 2020.

3. How long the duration of training under this program?

  • Depend on the scope of training. No more than 30 days.

4. What need to be done after selection of Program Latihan?

  • PERKESO will check and issue guarantee letter to training provider.

  • Training provider is responsible for submit relevant documents for the payment purpose.

  • It is employers’ responsibility to make sure their employer attend and follow the training.

Source from PERKESO Official Website

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