Information Technology (IT)


  • To encourage employers to further retrain their employees in the field of Information technology whereby financial assistance will be provided to them to purchase desktop or laptop, webcam and internet connection(for the first year only)

Financial Assistance :

  • Maximum of RM25,000

  • Applications can be made once in every 3 years for Head Quarter and Branches

  • The number of desktop / laptop as per 1 unit: 5 employee’s ratio

How To Apply?

Supporting Documents :

  • 1 quotation from 1 vendor for the purchase of computers

  • List of computer training programs

  • Sketch of classroom size including the layout plan of the computers

  • SME can purchase laptop/desktop without proper lab training room

  • Large company must have training lab room for this application.

Required Information :

  • Complete information/enclose brochures on the specification of the computer

Additional Note :

  • Application must be submitted by employers before purchase of computers

Submission via e-TRiS under IT scheme. Click HERE

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