Industrial Training Scheme (ITS)

This scheme enables employers to obtain financial assistance if the employers sponsor student(s) from a university, college or training institution for a practical training at their premise.


The objective of this scheme is to expose the intern to real time working experience as well as to understand the norms and ethics at the workplace besides providing the employers with a skilful future workers.

Financial Assistance :

  1. Monthly Allowance – Max RM500/month/trainee

  2. Personal Protective Equipment – 1 set only

  3. Insurance Coverage (if any)

* Financial assistance is subjected to 20% of total levy balance at the time of 1st application in the particular year.

Internship Duration

  1. Minimum two (2) months, Maximum eight (8) months

  2. Submission via eTRiS under Industrial Training Scheme (ITS) must be submitted by employers before the training commences.

How To Apply?

Required Supporting Document

  1. Confirmation letter issued by the university, college or training institution with the specific duration of the programme

  2. Confirmation letter issued by the employer to the trainee to attend the industrial training programme; and

  3. Programme structure with the objectives, learning outcomes and course schedule in weekly format for the entire duration of the training.

Required Information

  1. Details of the supervisors from public or private university, institution of higher learning, college or training institute.

  2. Details of the supervisors from the respective employer.

  3. Course details & duration of the programme.

  4. Details of trainee.

Submission via e-TRiS under ITS scheme. Click HERE Download Brochure HERE

Professional Certification & Essential Skills Courses

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