Corporate clients have been seeking advice on How to Make Claim on Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF).

Here is a compilation of “HRDF – HOW TO APPLY” Essential Information in one page:

  1. What is HRDF?

  2. What is HRD Levy?

  3. What are the Benefits of HRDF?

  4. Who Should Register with HRDF and How to register?

  5. Who are Eligible to Apply for Training Grant?

  6. How to Claim HRDF?

  7. What is SBL Scheme? How to Apply?

  8. What is SBL-Khas Scheme and How to Apply?

  9. What are the differences between SBL Scheme and SBL-Khas Scheme?

  10. How Many Types of Training Scheme?


Most of our courses are HRDF claimable under SBL Scheme, some are also available to claim under SBL-Khas Scheme.


1. Skim Bantuan Latihan – SBL 2. Skim Bantuan Latihan Khas – SBL-KHAS 3. Skim Latihan Bersama – SLB 4. Industrial Training Scheme – ITS 5. Future Workers Training – FWT 6. On Job Training – OJT 7. Computer Based Training – CBT 8. Information Technology – IT 9. Recognition of Prior Learning – RPL 10. Training Facilities & Renovation – ALAT


1. Industry Certification – INDCERT 2. Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional – SLDN-APPRENTICESHIP

3. Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning –RPEL

4. Graduate Enhancement Programme for Employability –GENERATE 2.0

5. Develop Your Management Skills –SME GRADUATE

What is Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF)?

The Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) is a dynamic organisation under the Human Resources Ministry that was established in 1993, under the legal requirements of the Human Resources Development Act 1992, currently known as the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Act 2001 (PSMB ACT 2001).

The HRDF is a pool of funds that consists of Human Resources Development levies collected from employers of the manufacturing and service sectors as listed in the First Schedule of the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Act 2001 (liable registrants) as well as optional registrants.

In a simpler way to say, the HRDF was established with the aim of developing quality human capital and world-class workforce in order for Malaysia to achieve a high income economy based on knowledge and innovation.

What is Human Resources Development (HRD) Levy?

According to Section 14(1) of PSMB Act, 2001 a HRD levy, mandatory levy payment imposed by the Government on specified groups of employers for the purpose of employee training and skills upgrading  shall be paid by every employer to whom the PSMB Act, 2001 applies. Employers are liable to pay a Human Resource Development levy for each working employee at the rate of 1.0% of the monthly wages of the employee.

Benefits of HRDF

Training grants are open to all employers registered and/or incorporated in Malaysia who have registered with PSMB and pay the HRD levy as to defray all or a major portion of the costs incurred in employee training. Financial assistance is given to employers that conduct training that is in line with their business operations.

PSMB is a driving force in training and development of human resource by enhancing the knowledge and skills of workforce via our schemes and services.

HRDF schemes are divided into two categories; HRDF Levy and Government Special Fund

The HRDF Levy is a fund that is deposited by employers on a monthly basis. They can apply for schemes provided by HRDF to attend any programmes recognised by HRDF.

The Government Special Fund is an allocation provided by the Government to benefit employers who applies for related schemes offered by HRDF.

Who Should Register with PSMB?

Section 13(1) of the PSMB Act 2001 stipulates that every employer who is covered under the Act is required to register with Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) within such time and manner as may be prescribed.

Any employer who is convicted for not registering with PSMB may be fined up to an amount not exceeding RM10,000 or face imprisonment up to a year, or both (Section 13 (2)).

According to the First Schedule of PSMB Act, 2001, definitions of industries covered are as follows:

Who is Eligible to Apply for Training Grant?

Employers registered and/or incorporated in Malaysia who have registered with PSMB and pay the HRD levy immediately upon registration are eligible to apply for training grants (financial assistance) to defray all or a major portion of the “allowable costs” of training attended by their employees. Training must be in the area of direct benefit to their business operations. Financial assistance is, therefore, not given to individuals who enrol and finance their own training programmes, whether partially or fully, and subsequently request for reimbursement from their employers. Neither is financial assistance given to employers who bear the cost of training after the successful completion of training by their employees. To be eligible for training grants under the HRDF, trainees must be employees who are MALAYSIAN CITIZENS.

HRDF Training Grant – Application Process

Application for HRDF Training Grant is done through e-TRiS system. What is e-TRiS? e-TRiS – Electronic Transformed Information System, the new HRDF online service system that will enhance your online business transactions with PSMB.

Example: Submission via e-TRiS under Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL) scheme
Step 1:  Application via e-TRiS Documents Required :

  1. Invoice

  2. Training Schedule / Course Contentix B1 endorsed by DSD

  3. Trainer Profile

Step 2:  Approval
Step 3: Claim

  1. Documents Required :

  2. Receipt & invoice (training fees)

  3. Itinerary (airfare) – if any

  4. Receipt & Invoice (transportation) – if any

Submission via e-TRiS under SBL scheme. Click HERE

How to check claim status?

  1. Login to the e-TRiS system through HRDF Portal

  2. Please click on the ‘Applications

  3. Select from the menu and click on ‘Claim‘.

  4. Choose ‘Search / Withdraw Claims

How to get the claims report?

  1. Go to HRDF Portal and login to the e-TRiS system

  2. Please click on the ‘Applications

  3. Select from the menu and click on ‘Claim

  4. Choose ‘Daily Claim Listing For Employers

How to update the incomplete document or information that has been queried for claims?

  1. Login to HRDF Portal and launch e-TRiS

  2. Please select Inbox icon.

  3. Click on Record Room and File number

  4. Choose ‘Query details‘ to view the details of incomplete information or document.

  5. Please complete the form.

  6. Click ‘Action‘ and ‘Return‘ to submit the form.

Please put the date and click on ‘Generate report

Training Workshop 2019 Schedule

HRDF Claimable Courses Offered by Aksara United Learning Center

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