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Computer Based Training (CBT)


  • To enable employers to purchase / develop training software to retrain and upgrade the knowledge and skills of their workforce, especially for employers who are unable to release their employees to attend training outside company premises

  • To assists employees in self-pace learning as well as flexible learning hours, training location and environment through the use of training software packages

Purchase of Computer Software / Development of Computer Software

Financial Assistance

  • 100% approval (subject to the availability of Grant Balance)

Development of Computer Software

  • Employers who wish to develop their own training software must obtain prior approvals (grant) from PSMB by submitting proposal at least one month prior to commencement of the development of the software.


  • Software must be in the form of CD, DVD, CD/DVDROM or video

  • Solely for training and learning purposes

  • Interactive training programmes on specific skills that enable users to learn the skills on their own without any instructor

  • Able to evaluate the learning progress of users

  • Software that are not eligible under the scheme are software for display or reading purposes e.g. procedures or guidelines on safety, e-book or e encyclopaedia, application software used for daily operational activities such as Microsoft Office, Accounting Software, Auto CAD computer programming software

HRDF allow Learning Management System (LMS) upgrading to cover the following, but not limited to:

  • Upgrading, customising, adding the content of the module of online learning in the existing LMS (one year after the application is approved)

  • Upgrading the functions, features, specifications of the LMS (one year after the application is approved)

  • LMS is allowed for system installation or cloud-based specification.

How To Apply?

  • Application must be submitted by employers before purchase or development of software

  • Development of Mobile Learning Apps and Learning Management System (LMS) are allowed under Development of Computer Software

Required Supporting Documents :

  • Quotation to purchase/develop software

  • Proposal for software development

Required Information :

  • Software details and specification

  • Total of Estimated Costs Apply

Submission via e-TRiS under CBT scheme. Click HERE Essential Skills Public Workshop Schedule

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