Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist

IMINS 200-401 Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies


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PROGRAM Covers Below Title,

Module 1: Industrial Networking Solutions and Products

Module 2: Industrial Network Documentation and Deployment Considerations

Module 3: Installing Industrial Network Switches, Routers, and Cabling

Module 4: Deploying Industrial Ethernet Devices

Module 5: Maintaining Industrial Ethernet Networks

Module 6: Troubleshooting Industrial Ethernet Networks

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IMINS 200-401

Earning a IMINS 200-401 certification is the best way for you to prepare for a successful career in networking. Which is a great reason all by itself. But there are lots more.

So read on, and discover the many advantages of a IMINS 200-401 certification—and the many reasons why you should earn one.

What You Will Learn

This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of the OSI layers of IP networks, as well as networking devices like routers and switches, and cabling approaches; specific industrial devices such as drives, PLCs, sensors, and substation equipment; relevant industrial standards and models such as TIA, the Purdue model, and environmental standards; and various safety protocols important in an industrial zone.

Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies (IMINS) Version 1.3 is a lab-based course which helps students with the foundational skills needed for the management and administration of networked industrial control systems. The IMINS course helps plant administrators, control system engineers and traditional network engineers understand networking technologies that are needed in todays connected plants and enterprises. This course also helps you prepare for the Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist Certification exam (exam ID 200-401) and qualify for the Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist certification. This course is job-role specific and enables you to achieve competency and skills to configure, maintain, and troubleshoot industrial network systems while helping to ensure network availability, reliability, and Internet security throughout your company. Students will be exposed to multiple industrial network technologies as well as products from Cisco and other industrial suppliers including Rockwell Automation.

  1. Candidates with CCNA Certification are highly valued and sought after in the Information Technology industry.

  2. Many MNC and IT industry organisation make it a requirement for the positions such as Network Technicians, Network Engineers and other IT support positions in their organisation to be certified in the proposed certification track.

  3. Candidates with CCNA qualification will be preferred for salary increment or promotion after attending this training as per the salary studies and job advertisements displays by the industry.


Malaysian workers from HRDF registered employers that are ready to participate in Industry Revolution 4.0.

This course is designed for IT and operations technology (OT) professionals and control engineers who will be involved with the configuration, operation, and support of networked industrial products and solutions for the following industries:


2.Process control

3.Oil and Gas

4.Other industries as applicable


A basic knowledge of data networking

A basic understanding of networking concepts and terminology

An exposure to IP or IPX networking

Experience working within a networked environment